Welcome to the research group “Digital Geography” at the Institute of Geosciences and Geography at the Martin-Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. In both, research and teaching, we are interested in the social and political geographies as well as methodological challenges of the digital transformation.

Our researchcan be subsumed under two broad fields: We deal with issues of urban geography such as platformization, touristification, artistic productions of urban space, and critical analyses of far-right urban discourse and politics. Furthermore, we are interested in methodological questions regarding (critical) cartography, data-based geoservices, and the use of GIS in educational contexts, among others. We are also working on digital landscape modeling, especially with the use of drones.

In all of those fields we are interested in questions of spatial justice, uneven geographies, power, and knowledge. We consider digital geography to be 1) a critical examination of geographical methods, 2) an investigation of the social dimensions of the digital transformation and its spaces, and 3) an interest in the material geographies of digital infrastructures.